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Simply invite your client to share their Criminal, Credit, and Evictions report with you.
All-in-One Screening Report

Free Reports

Invite the Tenant and they will incur the $45 Screening Report which includes Criminal Backgrounds, Credit History, and Evictions.

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Criminal Report

- 45 state criminal background checks.
- Wanted Databases.
- National Sex Offender Public Registry.
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Credit Report

- Soft hit credit will not affect credit scores.
- Easy to comprehend Screening report.
- Get the context behind the ResidentScore.
- Available without a physical inspection.
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Eviction Report

- Help protect Rental Investments.
- Includes judgment for possession, Unlawful detainers, Tenant judgments, and failures to pay rent.
- Over 25 million eviction records.
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E-Signatures and Document Storage

Realtors, save time by going digital with our FREE easy-to-use E-signatures and Document Storage. A fast and efficient platform accessible at any time for you and your client. Learn more

Why are we the Solution for Real Estate Agents?
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- Time saving fast solution for FREE
- Detailed and easy to comprehend reports
- Accessible and compatible platform
- 9AM to 5PM Customer Service

How are we a solution
for your clients?
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- Gain your clients trust with an accurate and detailed report
- Soft hit Credits will keep a smile on the Tenant
- Easy to complete screening application and request formatting

How does it work?

1. Invite your Tenant

Invite the Tenant to share their Records with you.

2. Tenant inputs information

Tenant will pay the $45 screening report and provide their Identity Details.

3. Completed Report

View the detailed and easy to read report, and make an educated decision.

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Accessible and compatible platform
FREE for
9AM- 5PM
Customer Support
Our Commitment to you

To provide a fast solution for business growth through an easy and accessible screening platform

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